What People Are Saying...

I flew to Santa Cruz with joy and excitement as I embarked on an adventure to learn from the experts what does being a conjure root working elder mean. Over the course of 2 days which could easily have been a week I learned more than my human brain ever hoped to contain. I scribbled notes and rocked my body, mind and soul in hopes of retaining a fraction of the depth of knowledge being presented by these amazing full of life people who on several occasions moved me to tears. What I went there for was replaced with a change in my perception of my view of my world. It is not so much an experience in what you can learn but what I already knew and what was there within in me already just waiting for the key to open the door into a new perception and a new way of doing things. As Ms. Sindy Todo said just remember what you do here you will be responsible for when you get to heaven. – Scynthia

"I would like to add my personal experience as a worker. I have attended the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Folk Magic Festival, and the 2nd Conjure Con. This is an exceptional group of presenters, Orion, Aunty Sindy, Susan, and Mamma Starr, each bringing their particular experience and practice of folk magic, conjure, and hoodoo, and what they do with that is extremely unique. They weave their personal, unique practices and experience with each others, to present an open-ended approach to the participants exposure to these crafts. They have a shared philosophy of keeping the cultures of these crafts alive, not in an orthodox way, but rather to enliven the American cultural richness found within conjure, spirit work, root doctoring, and all the many forms it is know as. They also draw out of the participant a confidence to grow your own relationship with these cultural practices through exploration of your personal ancestral work, relationships, and culture.

"I really enjoyed the magical focus of the workshops. I also got a kick out the diversity of the group, regardless of our different faiths or beliefs we all shared a passion for the work and a desire to bring magic into the world." – Brian

"I have not yet attended the Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans, I am looking forward to being able to attend in the future. I HAVE attended the two Conjure Cons in Santa Cruz and eagerly await the third in a few months. The classes and the teachers are phenomenal - this last year Momma Starr on prosperity work, Susan on the magic in food. Sindy Toto on sneaky tricks, Orion Foxwood's presentation on prayer had me spellbound. so moving! what makes Conjure Con so special to me is not only the wonderful presenters but that it's small, maybe 25 or 30 attendees, one track of classes so you get to know each other. As each class is being taught the other presenters are in attendance and there is always an open exchange of ideas. The other attendees are also knowledgeable, many are professionals in their own right so none of it is conjure 101 stuff, all very hands-on, practical and inspiring. I have learned so much from each and every class, I wouldn't miss it for the world." –Jo

I attend Conjure Con in Santa Cruz. I love how the blend of faiths and beliefs not only respect each other, but compliment each other. No matter your particular faith, there is wisdom in everything, and no matter what you call God, there is something that sings to your soul. I have never left without anything other than wanting to know more. The love and respect shown by Momma, Susan, Orion, Wolf, and Sindy is obvious, and the wisdom imparted is priceless. Plus, they are funny, sassy, and just a blast to be around! Do yourself a favor and attend. I promise that you will not be disappointed, but you will be addicted. – Nikki S.